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Say Hello to Sunny. He was adopted as a kitten and brought back to the Rescue I Volunteer for, The old allergic excuse. Sunny did not do well at the Adoption room and was attacking all the cats as well as the Volunteers, including me. We had thought he was just a big alpha Male. I decided to bring him home to Foster him to give him a break from the room at Pet Smart. Sunny is 15 pounds, and 4 years old. To my surprise, Sunnys true personality has lit up my office. He is very sweet and loves to play. He rarely leaves me alone while I am on my pc. He loves my keyboard buttons. I have taught him to sit and play fetch with his favorite mouse toy.

I did find out the reason he kept attacking the other cats tho. He is afraid of cats, yes, that is correct. He is afraid of cats. Why am I saying all of this??
This weeks contest is a story contest. Be Sunnys voice and tell his story of WHY he is afraid of cats..
Sunny will be staying with me for quite awhile. Hopefully there will be someone that wants to adopt him. They can come to my home to see his true personality because he will only go back to attack mode in the Adoption room. I want people to see how he really is.

This contest will run until next Wednesday. The winning story will receive 30 FD.
Sunny is laying right next to my keyboard and has asked me to tell you all this," PLEASE let us know why I am so afraid of other kittys."

Thank you all for letting me know why Sunny is afraid of cats. One story is just perfection and sunny to the letter and that person who was right on the money describing Sunny is FreyjaW.
Sunny loves to play fetch with his catnip mouse. When Sunny sees another cat he growls, hisses and gets very agitated. I have been trying to acclimate him to other cats but it just does not work. He became so frightened today that he attacked my legs. Thank goodness I had jeans on.

Thank you all for entering this contest. Have a wonderful week and stop by next week for another Friday Flashie.

{growl} I’m Sunny. Don’t get too close. Oh, you have a catnip mouse for me? Ooh! Throw it, please! I love playing fetch!

I don’t like being around other cats. When I was a kitten, other kittens from another litter picked on me and hurt me. I was too little to defend myself and no one else would protect me or fight beside me. It hurt. A lot. I hated how it felt. I swore that I would never let anyone close again.

So, I grew big. Nice and big. I heard one of the two-legs say I weigh 15 lbs. and they sounded impressed. Good. I want them to be impressed at the very least. It also gives me some real force when I swat someone. I don’t let any cat or kitten close. I can’t trust them not to bully me. So, I’ll get them before they have a chance to get me. If they are afraid of me, they won’t try to hurt me.

This lady at the house I’m at is nice. She gives me toys and space away from other cats. I think I can let her pet me a little, especially if she plays fetch first. She tells me how handsome I am. I like that.


4th Contest which will close on Sunday the 28th of October.
Everyone is invited to enter .. including those that have won a previous Spookfest Contest c:
Three Winners who will each receive 100FDs!!

1.) You must use the pumpkin above as your entry .. other pumpkins will not be accepted.
2.) All entries must be appropriate for FooPets or will be removed without prior notice.
3.) Upload your Halloween pumpkin to your preferred photo editing site.
4.) Please remember when carving or accessorizing your pumpkin that it is the pumpkin that needs to be the focal point of your entry c:

Good Luck to Everyone .. we are excited to see your entries!!
This is the Pumpkin Link:

⭐Congratulations to our Three Winners who have each won 100FDs for their Winning Pumpkins!

1.) BabyBombay

2.) garytwowalkers

3.) Sandy-D



♥ Sophie’s October Scene Contest ♥
⭐Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 40fds c:
(In alphabetical order)
1.) fulvi777

2.) gmta2000

3.) Kattenkroeg


Thanksgiving is celebrated at different times in different places. This special Holiday will be here before we know it so I have decided to do my usual Thanksgiving scene contest now, to give everyone time. :)
There will be three winners of 30 FD each.
This contest will continue until November 23, 2018.
Have fun and I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful scenes.

Congratulations goes to Kattenkroeg




With the holidays fast approaching, I decided to have my annual wreath decorating contest. There will be 3 winners of 20 FD each.
This contest will last until December 23rd when the winners will be posted. What you have to do it save the wreath to your device, decorate it, save it to your favorite imaging hosting site then post the direct link here. Make certain that you put ! before and after the link otherwise the picture will not show up.
Have fun with this and I am excited to see all the pretty wreaths.

December 25, 2018

Congratulations to our 3 winners~


Image and video hosting by TinyPic





♥ Sophie’s November Scene Contest ♥
⭐Congratulations to our 3 Winners who have each won 40fds c:
(In alphabetical order)
1.) gmta2000

2.) PixiFoo

3.) Psalm23ilovemusic



Remsies Fall Pumpkin Contest

I have decided to use Sophiemoms Graphics. We both loved to do contests and I am sure she would love that I am using them.

No decorated pumpkin, from her pumpkin contest, will be allowed to be entered in this contest.

Please remember when carving or decorating your pumpkin that it is the pumpkin that needs to be the focal point of your entry c:

Upload your Halloween pumpkin to your preferred photo editing site.

When finished with your pumpkin post your entry like this !direct link in between the exclamation marks!

There will be 2 winners and each winner will be awarded a prize.

This contest will last until October 21 which is actually Sophiemoms Birthday.

Good Luck to Everyone .. we are excited to see your entries!!

Congratulations goes to: