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im really excited for this next year.. and i figured id share my hopes to try and encourage everyone else to keep pushing through & keep striving to reach their goals. if you dont care to read, thats fine, but im ecstatic.

i’ll be 20 on january 7th. for the past 3-4 years ive been stuck living with my dad and stepmother. i have almost no relationship with my dad… everyone in the house stays behind their closed doors, all day. no living room time, no sitting at the table for dinner (which my stepmom very rarely makes), etc. its not a fun living situation, especially when my stepmom “is the boss” (per my own father’s mouth) and she favors her only child that I also live with. my stepsister has gotten $200 towards a plane ticket with her boyfriend (all of our family besides my stepmom’s, live in Pennsylvania), but my mom’s family is being forced to drive 12-14 hours here and back, every year just so my younger brother and sister and i can see our family. before i dropped out of college, i was crying to my parents about math homework, which was $100 to access the site. i was basically told "tough ", while stepsister was given money towards her books. her mom has also helped pay for her daughter’s flat tires, while my dad has to tell me “dont tell julie” if he gives me $20 for picking up my brother in the middle of working when my stepmom was home all day. not to mention, i just lent my dad $500 for “cushion” because he doesnt know when his autopay bills come out. there is a lot more to this story, from my stepmom nearly kicking all 3 girls out at ages 17, 17, and 16 for taking 8 minutes to respond to a text, to being in a screaming match with my father for his dis-taste in certain guys in my life in the past because of religion or race.

The turnaround:
this year i got my first fulltime job working with dogs (something ive been passionate about my whole life), getting paid to bathe and dry. my boss and immediate coworker is amazing, and have been my rocks. they listen to all my problems, and my coworker even offered me to move in with her once she and her boyfriend find a house [they currently reside in an apt]. after only a couple months of being there, i was starting training to groom. with an artistic background, it is all coming very easy to me.
i am learning to spend less and save more, and i will be getting a loan for a new car within about 2 months- all paid for by yours truly. by this time i will be thrown to the wolves within the grooming world and getting a better income… to which i plan to move out by the end of spring next year. i’ve gone through so many tears, and stress and yelling and frustration…. 2020 is going to be my year. heck, i have a gym opening near me next year too, so guess who’s going to not only be on that health grind, but might be getting a second job?? ;) with moving out, i will be able to have my own dog. my dad hates them, and i have been dreaming of a male dog of my own since i was 6 (no exaggeration). i dont know where the next year will take me, but i know im taking it by storm.

please feel free to express your own thoughts about next year… im dying to hear what you all have in store for yourselves ;-;


You sound like you have your live in control and are going places. I am very proud of you.


you got this! we actually have a pretty similar situation. i’m work at a pet store but i’m training to become a bather in the salon and i just got full time and i’m planning on moving out with my pupper who is my absolute baby. we can do this!


2020 will bring mucho change for me :P

Spring 2020
It’ll be my second to last semester in Arizona before graduating with my BS. I will be going to NYC with my boyfriend for spring break, which is in March. I’m hoping there might be a touch of snow :P We paid for the entire trip ourselves, airfare and hotel. We’re a big fan of Barstool, and they do these bits called “one bite pizza reviews” all through New York. So, my boyfriend has it in his head that we’re getting a slice of a pizza a day. We also have a wedding to go to in March, and I’m pretty stoked to get all prettied up and go :P

Summer 2020
Nothing incredibly crazy planned, but my boyfriend and I will be celebrating two years together :)

Fall 2020
This girl graduates college after 5 years :P With a BS in Communications and a minor in Business. Then we have to find adult jobs and decide if we’re staying in Arizona for an extra year or two to find work and get experience before moving back to Southern California. We’ll also be getting a kitten following the summer. We’re just waiting to be done with the majority of our trips and what not before bringing a a kitty home. I don’t want to have to worry about who’s going to watch him and feed him while we’re out of town so much.