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Rest in Peace Lil Bub 💔


I just heard today that this sweet adorable kitty passed away. I have loved this cat ever since I saw her in the newspaper my grandma (Mimi) sent me! I wanted to go to her meet and greet that happened a while ago near me, but my Mom said no. It is just heartbreaking that this wonderful, adorable, life-changing cat has left this earth. Lil Bub was and still is my all time favorite cat that was famous!

This year has been crazy..Grumpy Cat and now Lil Bub 💔 It’s just so incredibly heartbreaking. This year has just been crazy…so many hearts have been broken with this news. Please send Lil Bub’s person lots of love.

I have the stuffed animal of Lil Bub and a shirt. I am hoping to get the 2020 calendar for Christmas too! I have always loved her.

She’ll be forever missed.


I just saw this earlier today as well :( such a sweet little kitty.