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sheeeeesh animals are expensive


i just dropped $500 at the vet :))
their food costs me $90-100 every 2 weeks :)))))
their supplements (probiotics, heart supplements, fish oils) cost another $90 biweekly :)))))))

real talk i am SO LUCKY to be able to afford and maintain 5 animals as well as i do & that im able to give them everything they need and more,, but sometimes when i get bills like that im just like DANG. really unfortunate how expensive this stuff can be, im gonna have to spend less on christmas gifts ://

so kids, don’t get 4 dogs and a cat at once if you ever want the chance to buy nice things for urself or go oit lmbooooo


i want more pics of your babies :(


I am very lucky with my vet.

I am an active volunteer at a refuge and organize volunteering events. They work with a really great vet and we began to work closely so now whenever I find a new case that needs immediate help, I can always count on that vet. I am having this stray kitty that has no control on her rectum and I’ve been with her at the vet for a few weeks now but he won’t take any payment until he sees the kitty healthy. Even when he does, the price is usually way less than normal.

He’s really great and one of the few dedicated animal lovers around me.


I feel you! We have five dogs, two cats, a ball python, two mini horses, a lamb, two guinea hens, and two pigs. One of my training locations is in a vets office and I get a discount there. I am a partner of a local pet rescue, so I am able to buy my food which surprisingly is great instinct raw or raw coated kibble for both dogs and cats for .10-.50 cents a pound. Depending on what pantry we buy from. But they are still quite the costly babies.


We have 9 dogs, 4 cats, 2 ferrets, 2 ducks, a rabbit, a goat and pig lol

They eat Purina since it seems like the best bet without breaking the bank, for toys we go to thrift stores and pick out toys for them out of the kid section, and when it’s time to buy more heartworm medicine we cringe because it’s about $500 every 6 months, flea treatment we always buy the pack that is meant for the extra large dog breeds and then just split each treatment between two dogs – the cats just get a dawn dish soap bath once or twice a month since they are inside and don’t really bring fleas in. For dog beds we buy crib mattresses for like $15 on Facebook market place and it saves us about $60. Dog beds are ridiculously expensive. So we are basically super cheap when it comes to our dogs but it works lol