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Merry Christmas Contest.


Yes, I am having a contest. It is a very easy one as well. No one has to decorate a wreath or tree. All you have to do is tell me your story of your best Christmas Morning. If you do not celebrate Christmas just give me your best Holiday story. Simple.
There will be a gift.
It will be a surprise because , after all, gifts are always a surprise unless you cheated and looked.
This contest will run until Christmas Day . I will notify the winner. If you have CF I will friend you and I will send you the gift.
If you are a free account. I will give you a link to another account which you can buy the gift for 1 FG.
Life is grand when it all comes together.
Oh, I forgot to say that it will be a rare..
I will read the stories and the one that I like the best will be the winner.
Have fun and I look forward to reading the stories


This looks like fun! I will post when I get a chance!!

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oooh i have one! ok so picture this – christmas eve 2005, the grinch is on tv and it’s dark out but snowing. 5 year old alisa (pronounced like alyssa, not a-lisa) (my real name lmbo) just knocked her front left (my left) tooth loose. it’s literally hanging on by like,,, a thread but i refused to let my dad pull it out coz it hurt when you touched it. i went to sleep that night, and when i woke up, i was missing a tooth! i looked all over my bed/room, like under my bed, behind it, inside my sheets, everywhere! i ran to my parents room (this all happened at like 5am, mind you) bawling my eyes out because i couldn’t find my tooth and i wasn’t gonna get any money from it! my dad got out of bed and tried to look for it too but he couldn’t find it either. he said he’d call the tooth fairy and explain to her what happened, and was sure she’d still come and leave me a dollar even if i didn’t have the tooth. i went back to sleep and when i woke up again at like 8:30, there was a $20 under my pillow! usually she’d leave a dollar, or $5 if i lost 2 teeth, so i was literally shook lmbo. i went downstairs to show my parents and got cut off when i saw all the presents under the tree! (there actually weren’t that many because i’d get the majority of them on new year’s day (it’s a russian thing)) literally, to this day, best and weirdest day of my life, hands down lol

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I love this contest!

So this was in probably 2014. Me and my brother and sister all woke up at 3am. We were super excited! But we had hours to go. Since we all thought Santa was real, we heard him. We were all three in my and my sister’s bedroom, including my brother. I believe we all looked at each other and smiled, then my brother took a quick peek downstairs to where the cookies and milk were left. He SAW Santa. I ran over there too and looked down, just to see Santa literally sitting there eating cookies and looked up at me and my brother. We ran back into the room, dying of laughter. Previously before that happened, I saw Santa in the doorway of our room. He even tucked my brother in and kissed him! It was crazy weird, thinking about it now lol. That was probably at 2am or so, before we all woke up. After we saw Santa, we stayed up just talking. It seemed like Santa stayed for 3 hours or so…as he was walking around downstairs with a flashlight for a while. We weren’t scared, but it was definitley making us excited and wonder what possibly Santa Claus could be doing for 3 hours? I remember hearing the Reindeer on the roof and everything. The rest of that morning is a blur, but I do know all 3 of us were telling the story of actually seeing Santa!

Alright, so yes I know, I know, Santa isn’t real. But when I told my Mom about this, this year she said it wasn’t her or my dad….so that leaves a lot of questions to be unanswered. Is he actually real? Was it some random person in my house? Did God just use his own magic just to help us believe and excite us with his powers? Who knows! It is a true story, my parents were even asleep so I couldn’t tell you what that Santa Claus actually was. But gosh it definitley made it SO exciting. Like we were so excited and happy…real or not that memory is definitley one of my favorites.

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Ok so I don’t have one to write about but this is great and I love reading these cute stories! Good luck Remsie in picking the winner!


Love this! What a wonderful idea Remsie ☺️


I wanted to have a Christmas Contest that was easy. For the members that do not think they have a story. Just think back to the holidays and write what may be most memorable to you.

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May not be the best story but it did happen during the holidays. When my daughter was 10 we went to an auto show in our nearest big city (we live in a rural area). She was so excited about being able to buy a hat from her favorite car and had saved her allowance for it.
While we were waiting in line for our tickets she spotted a man going through the garbage. He was homeless and she asked us about him. We told her that sometimes people find themselves without a home and family and that they had to find food where they could. My daughter is well known for being particularity fastidious so she was horrified about this situation. She walked right over to the man and gave him her allowance she had saved for months to get that hat.
Believe me there were tears on many faces and several other folks walked over and one gentleman walked him over to a coffee shop and sat there while he ate.

Years later when my daughter was in college, my husband and I were on our way to Christmas shopping., I spotted a young lady my daughter’s age with her dog outside on the cold, holding a sign for hitch hiking. I made my husband stop the car, got out and gave her a hundred dollars. I carry at least that much for situations like this. She hugged me and told me thank you. She walked her dog into the petsmart right at that corner and I hope she got him something nice to eat.

We do not celebrate any religious holidays because we are atheists.


OMG! You and your family are angels! This story made me want to cry. Thank you for sharing Geo-Wilcox.


Happy Day after Christmas. I hope that everyones Christmas was good.
I enjoyed the stories but one stuck most in my heart and that was the story from
Geo-Wilcox. So congratulations Geo-Wilcox

You are the winner of my Christmas contest and the winner of a rare item.


Congratulations Geo-Wilcox


Thank you. I am glad my stories touched people. The fairy is beautiful!


Congratulations Geo-Wilcox ☺️