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My Birthday


My birthday is in 9 days. A lot of things are about to change in my life, I might stop being homeschooled, I might go live with my sister, I might become an aunt, I’m so scared and excited about what might happen. Life has been so hard recently, but things are finally looking up. I’m terrified that nothing is going to work out and I’m getting my hopes up for nothing, but I’m done being hopeless so I don’t get disappointed.

I’ve always avoided saying my age on here, because I’m sick of people refusing to listed to what I have to say because I’m a child, but I’m done trying to make random people think I’m older than I am, if you don’t want to talk to me anymore, it’s fine. I’m about to turn thirteen years old, and I can’t wait to see what will happen.

Haha, I didn’t know how to end this and I kinda hate the ending. It sounds so stupid.


I hope you have a good birthday. I hope everything’s okay <3